How Can I help

How Can I help?

You can pray for us.

You also might consider a one time gift or a monthly commitment to our ministry.  The ministry is a 501(c) (3) not-for-profit religious ministry incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia, your gifts are tax deductable.  Your gifts goes directly to ministry.We operate chapels at both airports and conduct regular worship services.  Our teams of chaplains provide spiritual guidance and support to the 26,000 employees and the 36 million passengers who travel through our airports.

You could also talk with the person in charge of missions at your place of worship, and see if they would be interested in hearing more about our work and also supporting our work in encouraging faith practice.  We would be pleased to give a briefing to your organization about our airport ministry.

Please consider donating right now, online using your credit card through this secure PayPal Link.

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